Recycling and Craftsmanship in Angola

Recycling of collected trash to produce fair trade fashion in Luanda, Angola
Project Duration:

January 2021 –
December 2021

Target Group:

Young People (focus on womenI)

Planned Budget:



Donors from our Crowdfunding campaign.

Local Partner Organisation:
Animar Angola



Luanda, Angola

Our Project

Through the campaign for the acquisition of 2 sewing machines promoted by Animar in partnership with Equilibrium Foundation, the project is linked to the promotion of handicrafts, with a focus on fashion and clothing creation. The project consists of the selection of 15 young people from orphanage “Lar Casa Anuarita” in the Urban District of Sambizanga, aged between 16-23 years with interest in fashion and design, with special attention to women. These young people will benefit from a short training course in cutting and sewing which will allow them to participate in a competition to create clothes from materials once used and even waste. In addition to the students, a group of waste pickers will also be included who will participate in both the course and the competition.

At the end of the competition, there will be a fashion show, under the motto “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle More!” It is intended that each designer will choose a friend to participate in the parade, without the participation of models. We see this as a way of promoting another image of fashion, accessible to all and not only reserved for magazine models. A special award will be given to the best designers, with a jury composed of fashion professionals.


In order to further promote the project, we intend to establish strong partnerships with the Media, in particular TV. The achievement of the project will be filmed from the beginning of the activities until the end, with a weekly broadcast to accompany the candidates of the competition. The filming will be accompanied by the addition of testimonials from people who make their living from waste collection and its sale, yet are marginalised in society and are in the position of vulnerable people. With the material filmed, a documentary will be made and shown in the schools of the Recicla e Ganha project and in society in general, in order to disseminate the good ideas and concrete practices of the 3Rs philosophy.

Objectives and Activities

  • Empower with creative ideals that young teenagers especially women
  • Disseminate the 3Rs policy and concept within the student community
  • Reduce the amount of waste that is thrown in rubbish dumps every day and
  • To promote behavioural change in society regarding waste generation and waste workers, both formal and informal.
  • Promote behavioural change in Angolan society through creative environmental solutions.

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