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Disability awareness workshop in Tanzania with health government and NGO employees.

Together we empower disadvantaged people. Your donation makes it possible to realise sustainable projects with our local partners. Over 90 percent of your donation is used directly in our programs around the globe for those who need it most. You can help to create a fairer World by giving a tax-deductible donation via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer to Equilibrium Foundation.

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German Donations

The most cost-effective way to donate in Germany is to make a donation to our German account. After that you will receive a deductible German tax certificate.

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US Donations

US citizens can donate through our partner “DSZ – International Giving Foundation” and receive a deductible US tax certificate afterwards.

IMPORTANT: Before you click below, in order for the donation to be credited to the Equilibrium Foundation, please indicate at the bottom of the payment page in the field “Additional information about your gift”:

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