Who We Are

Equilibrium Foundation is a non-profit social impact organisation based in Hamburg, Germany with the social vision to create a fairer world and a greater social and economic balance between disadvantaged and privileged people in the global south.

We achieve social impact through our social mission to empower disadvantaged people, multipliers, micro-entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations in the global south.

Following our principles and our shared set of values, especially with our core values of empathy and respect, we act according to our motto: “Act Local, Think Global” to create a fairer world.

Equilibrium Foundation was founded in 2014 and registered in 2018 as a non-profit organisation in Hamburg, Germany.

Equilibrium Foundation’s team consists of twelve passionate activists who strive to create a fairer world.

Equilibrium Foundation conducted 12 projects with community based non-profit organisations in Asia, Africa and Central America.

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Our Principles

Values Equilibrium Foundation Empathy Respect

All activities of the Equilibrium Foundation are based on the fundamental principles of humanism, ethics and positivism. Build on these values, we promote sustainable empowerment of disadvantaged people in the global south.

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Our Team

Equilibrium Foundation Team Members

Each of our passionate activists on the team brings their individual strengths to create a fairer world. Our expertise and skills range from pedagogy, education, management, consulting, to science and information technology.

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How We Work

Equilibrium Foundation Cooperation Model

Equilibrium Foundation applies its self-developed collaboration model (taking into account international standards) that combines the logic of 3 pioneering models: 1. Social Business Excellence Model, 2. the Project Logic Model and 3. the Standard Project Life Cycle.

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Logo Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft

Equilibrium Foundation transparently communicates its origins, principles, governance and ownership structure, goals, activity reports, donors, source and use of funds. For this reason, we have voluntarily joined the Transparent Civil Society Initiative.

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Letter of Tax Exemption

Child Protection Policy