What We Do

In close partnership with local non-profit and community based civil society organisations we develop and conduct innovative and sustainable projects in the global south in the sectors of education, culture and environment.

Equilibrium Foundation’s work focuses on four main activities: 1. capacity building, 2. project management, 3. workforce placement, and 4. resource mobilization.

Through our activities, we strengthen individual and collective competencies and performance of our local partners to empower their autonomy and success in the long term to create a fairer world.

We conducted and supported 12 projects in collaboration with community based non-profit organisations in Asia, Africa and Central America.

Our projects have reached more than 600 disadvantaged people, multipliers and micro-entrepreneurs.

We have procured and provided technical and educational equipment for our local partners.

Ongoing Projects

Train-the-Trainer of Youth Football Coaches in Malawi

Together with the Malawi Football Association, we promote the training of football coaches. Now, a local children’s league and talent academy has been established, in which the trained coaches use methods for age-appropriate football training to develop the disadvantaged children.

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Professional Inclusion of Deaf Mayans in Guatemala

We are enabling vocational training for a group of Mayans with hearing disabilities to become software programmers in Guatemala. This innovative programe will enable participants to work with IT experts in a team to carry out projects around the world and earn a living.

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Completed Projects in different Sectors


Coaching in Mongolia

Equilibrium Foundation values people’s differences and empowers their full potential. Through trainings for coaches and organizations, we create environments where everyone is treated fairly, regardless their background, identity, or circumstances.

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Minority Rights

Micro-Credit financed Booth

Equilibrium Foundation makes the voices of local minorities, discriminated and indigenous people heard in their communities. By providing micro credit and conducting participatory workshops, we promote their rights and enable long-term social change.

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Organisational Development

Organisational Development Approach

The only constant is change. We facilitate participatory change and support our partner organisations to build up their capacity to adjust and achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving, and reinforcing people, strategies, structures, and processes.

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Sports Education

Football Training Camp Malawi

Sports break down barriers and build bridges where boundaries usually exist. We bring people together and train them in the latest techniques and methods. Our goal is to improve their societal participation and strenghten their value and accpetence within the community.

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