Coaching the Coaches

Ulanbataar, Mongolia

Results: 21 special education teachers were coached and use now in their school lessons the “Total Communication” method, 23 deaf children taught in school curriculum, 114 parents, family and community members trained to deal with disabled children.

Disability Awareness

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Results: 27 health government workers and KCC members empowered with proper knowledge and basic skills about disability characteristics and possible interventions.

Disability Dealing Skills

Participants Receive Certificates

Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi

Results: 24 members of the parents’ association of disabled children of the Dzaleka refugee camp have the necessary skills to supervise and educate disabled children. Implemented 2 training curricula, 2 guidelines and 25 training manuals.

Vocational Education & Training

Quetzaltenengo, Guatemala

Results: 3 deaf adolescent indigenous trained in understanding of development of computer system and smartphones and were enabled to program an Android application with their smartphones.