Our coaches train coaches and children in methodical, tactical and technical skills. In addition to these sporting skills, all participants gain also experience in secondary virtues such as motivation, discipline and team spirit. In this way they learn to use their energies constructively and we give additional hope and strength.

Football Training Camps

Football Training Project

The local children’s football training league Senga Bay Eagles has been in existence since 2015. Since 2018, the Equilibrium Foundation has systematically trained local coaches in intensive camps and regularly sent football equipment. The supported coaches are respected role models in the village community and founded 2019 the Senga Bay Talent Academy.

Coaching Workshop

In July 2019 the youth coach Tamino Brendel, certified by the German Football Association, conducted a workshop with 18 football coaches from F.C. San Pedro to compare the Guatemalan and German children’s football training systems and to develop specific improvement potential.