Coaching and licensing of youth football coaches and training of children in Malawi

Malawi: Training of Local Youth Football Coaches
Project Duration:

February 2018 –  December 2022

Target Group:

20 local trainers and 30 children

Planned Budget:


Local Partner Organisation:
Senga Bay Eagles Partner Logo

FC. St. Pauli: Kiezhelden and Equilibrium Foundation


Senga Bay, Malawi

Our Project

Malawi in Southeast Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world. Football is the number one sport in Malawi. The majority of the population is young and plays football every day, but cannot train systematically. Due to the lack of resources and know-how, there are few trained coaches and a shortage of football equipment.

Equilibrium Foundation has organised 3 football training camps in Senga Bay, which has about 20,000 inhabitants. In 2018 and 2019 it was done with 19 local coaches, 2 certified German coaches and 230 children. The local trainer were coached in football coaching methods from the German Football Federation and the children were taught in football skills, social competences and motivation. Since then, a local community club Senga Bay Eagles with 14 trainer was founded, which trains regularly more than 100 children in a training league and talent academy.

In 2021, 20 local coaches and 30 children participated in the 3rd camp with 1 coach from the Malawi Football Association (FAM). On the last day, there was final exam and 17 local coaches received the FAM-D licence, which allows them to officially coach club teams and children For this purpose, the coaches learned special coaching methods of age-appropriate and target-oriented football training in order to systematically train the children in technical and tactical football skills. 

The 3 elements of football development (league, academy and camp) promote the personality development in all participants like in terms of motivation, disciplin and team spirit. The coaches are already respected role models in the village communities and give additional hope to the children. The cooperation with the Malawian Ascent Soccer Academy through the organisation of matches with the best talents from Senga Bay provide additional opportunities for the children. The national channel Zodiak has regularly reported about the project what made the children’s football training in Senga Bay nationwide known. The social platform Kiezhelden of the 2nd Bundesliga club FC St. Pauli from Germany also financed  the football training camps.

Objectives and Activities

  • Training of 20 local coaches from Senga Bay in coaching methodolog to become certified football coaches for children’s and youth training.

  • Improvement of technical and tactical football skills and increase of social competence and motivation of around 100 children from Senga Bay.

  • Creation of a training quality standard for the Children’s Football League and Academy in Senga Bay.

  • Long term establishment of the local community club Senga Bay Eagles as a competent and reliable training institution for children.

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