Coaching of special education teachers in the Total Communication method

Ulaanbataar, Mongolia


1 year


21 special education teachers, 23 deaf children, 114 family and community members

Budget and donor: 2,800 Euro from Equilibrium Foundation and Rotary Mongolia.

Objectives and Activities

  • Use of the Total Communication method in Mongolia.
  • Professionalisation of the pedagogical competences of special education teachers through coaching.
  • Organisation of a Mongolian sign language course of an national expert for the special education teachers.
  • Education of deaf children in first year primary school curriculum.
  • Sensitization of of parents, family and community members regarding disabilities.


  1. 21 special education teachers were coached and use now in their school lessons the “Total Communication” method.
  2. 19 deaf children passed the school age group test.
  3. 114 parents, family and community members trained to deal with disabled children.