Training and coaching of multipliers on how to deal with disabled children

PACD Malawi

Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi


6 months (2016/2017)


24 PACD members and 17 disabled children

Budget and donor: 1,150 Euro from Equilibrium Foundation.

Objectives and Activities

Enhanced capacity of PACD members by training in order to better deal with and serve children with disabilities.

Sensitization of PACD members in characteristics of disabilities (children with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities, or psycho-social, hearing and vision impairments).

Developing education curriculum, related guidelines and training materials.

Training of PACD members in use of the curriculum, guidelines and training materials.


24 members of the parents’ association of disabled children of the Dzaleka refugee camp have the necessary skills to supervise and educate disabled children.

Implemented 2 training curricula, 2 guidelines and 25 training manuals.