football goal constructed with wood

While we anticipate our upcoming project in Senga Bay, Malawi, let us walk you through the previous projects of Equilibrium Foundation in the country. With the goal of creating a fairer world, we first camped at Malawi in 2018. Equilibrium Foundation, in partnership with other organizations in Malawi, set up a football training camp. The training, which lasted for 10 days, recorded the training of 10 indigenous trainers from Senga Bay and 100 children.

Until one is able to boldly transfer knowledge, knowledge would be questioned. This project focused on value multiplication, in that while the 10 trainers from Senga Bay were trained in the morning, these trainers in turn trained 10 children each, making a total of 100 children. Guess what the highlight was? The training camp was capped with a tournament on the 10th day. The children teamed up and played one against another. This fostered bonding, more learning opportunities and great young talents were discovered.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Rescheduling of the 3rd Training Camp to 2021

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the still unsafe and dangerous situation, the earlier scheduled project for October 2020 has been postponed until March 2021. The health of all concerned is an absolute priority for us and the advantage of that situation is that we and the host community have room for more planning and preparation. Until then, the current coaches in Senga Bay continue to sensitize children and help them keep safe during the period of the pandemic. Furthermore, the Equilibrium Foundation and sponsors will send again a package with football equipment to Senga Bay.

The 3rd training camp planned for 2021 in Malawi seeks to take a new dimension in order to record even greater impact and success amongst the inhabitants of this community. This time we are concentrating on the coaching of the 20 coaches and are working together with the Football Association of Malawi (FAM). The coaches will have the opportunity to obtain the FAM Coach D Licence, with which they can officially train in clubs. To achieve this, the focus will be on the trainers, who will be trained full-time (8 to 18 hrs) over 5 days. In the afternoon, the talent team of 25 children will be specifically involved for sample training sessions. One FAM coach will be part of the coaches team and on the 6th day the FAM conducts a 1 day practice and theory test with all 20 coaches. One day after, the best 14 under 13 years talents from Senga Bay will play again a game against a team from Ascent Soccer Academy in the capital Lilongwe.

It is impossible for us to forget the love, fun, happiness and incredible impacts of the 2018 project because it birthed an even bigger project in 2019. I bet you cannot wait to learn about the sustainable impact the 2019 project brought. As we take you through this journey of happiness, we are even more excited to tell you about the upcoming 2020 project earlier scheduled for October 2020. However, due to the current covid 19 outbreak, the date is under review.

With time, we shall communicate the plan and schedule of the upcoming projects. Please stay glued to our social media pages. Nevertheless, sustainable impact is certain. We are Equilibrium Foundation and we intend to create a fairer world.

Update on our Malawi Football Camp